Luxembourg and the Latin Quarter

Dear Reader,

The Luxembourg gardens were beautiful, though they are not as well-known as the Tuilleries or Versailles' gardens.  There were many people sunbathing, lying in the grass and amongst the flowers. There were also many people reading newspapers and novels, enjoying a relaxing hour in the garden. There was a set of tables in one corner of the garden where people gather to play chess, each absorbed intensely in their game. I visited the Orangerie of the Senat at the Luxembourg gardens. The current exhibition at the Orangerie features artists from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyane. The works were very interesting-- the kind that makes you pause and think in an attempt to disect the artist's mind, striving to find his motivations and guiding forces. After leaving the exhibit I walked about the Latin Quarter and wandered into a few bookstores-- there were big sales and so I was able to buy a few french literature books for cheap prices. I bought Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and On ne badine pas avec l'amour by Alfred Musset.

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