Dear Reader,
There is a side street quite close to Moulin Rouge called Rue Lepic. If you happen to travel up this street, passing a variety of colorful cafes and brasseries, fruit venders and tourism sales, you will stumble upon Les Deux Moulins-- the very cafe that was featured in Amelie-- the French film starring Audrey Tautou. As a fanatic for the film, having watched it about 20 times, I obviously had to make a pilgrimage to the brasserie. It was wonderful to sit at a small table in the corner and watch the other customers and the waiters, taking note of events in the movie and seeing the actual cafe where it all happened. The cafe is very much the same, with its small tables and chairs and bar at the entrance to the cafe. It is even somewhat bigger than what I had seen in the movie, more spacious with large glass doors and windows that allow the sun to enter at all times of the day. I will have to stop by again some other time to have some coffee.

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