Gay Pride in Paris

Dear Reader,

Walking in the area surrounding Notre Dame prooved to be a new discovery. The narrow streets  were filled with brasseries, cafes, and bars that were decorated with rainbows-- a sea of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The streets were crowded as hundreds of people walked and marched and hung about as part of the 2011 gay pride event held in Paris this week. Indeed, the event has attracted thousands to Paris from all around the world for this special celebration. A series of parties and club events were also held for the weekend.

It was so much fun watching the parade, the crowds of people drinking large beers in front of the bars and clubs, the scantily-clad dancers, and musicians playing jazz on the streets. It was the perfect place to just sit and watch and keep watching, moving from bar to bar, from cafe to cafe.

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