La Chapelle

Dear Reader,

La Chapelle is simply astounding-- a medieval church that encloses you within a forest of stain glass windows. The colors are brilliant and I found it impossible to hold my attention on one piece for too long-- being in the chapel is like swimming in a sea of color, too much color, soo much color that it is almost impossible to concentrate, impossible to think clearly when you are first hit by this amazing view.

I only wish that my camera could have caught all the beautiful effects that the sunlight played upon the stained glass-- unfortunately, the pictures are nowhere near a close representation of the actual chapel itself. It is something you must see with your very own eyes.


  1. Hi Samaya...
    It's been quiet a pleasure to read through your blog...
    Next time you visit any place... you must ask your dad to get you a camera that would capture just what you want to... :-)
    Blessings and Love,

  2. I am so glad that you like my blog :0) A good camera definitely would help...