Locks Of Love

Dear Reader,
The goal of the day was to see the famous Opera Garnier. That failed miserably. We took the wrong metro stop and saw the Opera Bastille instead, which does not quite have the same historical significance or grandeur and beauty. However, I found that walking aimlessly in Paris sometimes helps you discover the most amazing things. We discovered some sort of a sky walk very close to the Opera Bastille-- an elevated pathway that was actually a garden, enabling us to see the rooftops and astounding architecture of the Parisian buildings while walking through rose gardens and tree-lined pathways covered with vines. The view was astounding and beautiful.

After some navigating, we found the Cinematheque Francaise and attended a Stanley Kubric exposition that was extremely interesting, watching clips of his movies and understanding the significance and impact of his great films. I now have a whole new list of films that I absolutely have to see. We left the exposition extremely hungry and discovered an Italian restaurant just across the Cinematheque Francaise. I spoke some French to the waiters, who each had thick Italian accents-- yet somehow we seemed to understand each other well and the food was delicious. My first real meal in a few days-- I had been living off cereal and fruits for some time.

We had promised to meet the others on a bridge by the Louvre, a bridge covered with locks of love-- each year, pairs of lovers write their names on locks and seal their promise to each other by placing the locks on the bridge and throwing the keys into Seine river. It is soo romantic. We watched the sunset from the bridge-- ths sky lit with hues of yellow, orange, red, and even pink-- the water sparkling. It was a perfect day.

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