Shakespeare and Company

Dear Reader,

It is absolutely necessary for all bookworms in Paris to visit Shakespeare and Company. The bookstore definitely seems like something out of a Harry Potter book, with its narrow corridors that are piled with books and tiny ladders that reach the very tops of the shelves. It is small and cozy and always crowded and that is what I like best about it.

I remember passing a small band playing popular tunes just before entering the store-- they were watched attentively by a tiny crowd that always seems to hang about Shakespeare and Company. It was so wonderful to see English books again after these few, passing weeks-- I didn't realize how much I missed reading English until I stepped into the bookstore. I read a chapter of Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, an autobiographical piece detailing his visit to Paris-- the name of the chapter was Shakespeare and Company. It was so interesting to read about Paris from his perspective, learning of places that he visited and people that he met while in Paris.

I automatically gravitated towards the French Literature section of the bookstore and was not dissapointed, for Shakespeare and Company was well stocked with the English translations of Francoise Sagan's works. I had read Bonjour Tristesse and was looking for names of other works that she had written. Currently, reading the actual French version of Bonjour Tristesse is prooving to be quite a challenge for me.

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