Paris in the Dark

Dear Reader,

It was on a Thursday night that we decided to go to Montparnasse as a large group-- the name of the club was Mix. There is usually free admission for international students on Thursday nights-- it was the best time to go.

The wait to enter the building was somewhat long and you could hear the loud music blaring inside-- there was a sense of tense expectation as everyone in  line shuffled their feet, waiting. The club was filled with dim, red light and the music gradually grew louder and louder as I descended the long stairs and made my way towards the floor and the bar. The hall was crowded, packed with groups of people dancing to the latest songs-- mostly English songs.

There was a sense of confusion about everything that night, from the flashing lights to the loud music to the blasts of fog and the pushing and shoving of the dancers, drinks in hand. I love to dance. I love to dance without stopping-- continously, endlessly, all the time. Time seemed to flow and before long it was already four in the morning. It was time to leave, time to say last goodbyes.

We caught a bus headed towards Antony, towards the campus. Home-- to soft beds and long showers, to class the next morning... or rather that very same morning.

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